The Daystar Devotional 2001-10-15

October 15, 2001

“…the opening of my lips shall be for right things.” (Proverbs 8: 6)

Our tongue holds the key to life or death (Proverbs 18:21). With it, we create our futures, whether for good or for evil.

Years ago, I was meditating on Ephesians 4:29: “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth.” As I meditated, I thought, “Well, I’m obeying this command since I do not use profanity.”

Then the Lord spoke to me. “This verse does not refer only to profanity.”

“What do you mean, Lord?” I asked.

He replied gently, “A corrupt word is any word you speak that does not agree with My Word.”

What a different perspective that gave me on the words I spoke! If I said anything that did not agree with what God said in His Word, then I was being disobedient.

So I began saying what God said. He said I was healed, so I said I was healed. He said I was prosperous, so I said I was prosperous. He said I was delivered, so I said I was delivered.

What, therefore, are the “right things” to which our Scripture for this week refers? The “right things” are those words that line up with the Word of God. Start speaking those words, and only those words. As you do, your life will begin to manifest the person you really are in Jesus Christ.

Your sister in Christ,

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio
Copyright 2001 by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio  All Rights Reserved.


…Exalting Jesus Christ, and Him Alone…