The Daystar Devotional 2001-03-26

March 26, 2001

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matthew 11: 12) 

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Precious Disciple of Jesus Christ, the Daystar,

When the Jews entered the Promised Land that God had given them as their inheritance, they had to conquer the giants living there in order to possess the land. God did not simply place the land in their laps. The Jews had to enforce their right of ownership and wrench their inheritance from the hands of the enemy.

The same is true with the inheritance God has given us through Jesus Christ. That inheritance includes righteousness, physical and emotional healing, financial prosperity, harmonious relationships, and countless other blessings. As with the Jews, however, God does not place our inheritance in our laps. We have to fight for it. The Bible calls this fight “the ood fight of faith” (1 Timothy 6: 12). It is called “good” because Jesus already won the fight for us.

Why do we have to contend for what is legally ours through Christ? Because we live in this natural world and we have an enemy whose sole purpose is to steal God’s blessings from us (John 10: 10).

Our Scripture verse for this week tells us that the violent take the Kingdom of Heaven by force. We are the violent who fight the enemy in order to maintain ownership of the kingdom God has given us through His Son. That kingdom includes total salvation–spirit, soul, and body.

If your earthly father left you a million dollars and a stranger contested the will, you would fight to enforce yoru father’s will. We must do the same with the will of Jesus Christ, which is the New Testament. When Satan tries to steal what Jesus has bequeathed to us in His will, we must enforce His will with the Sword of the Spirit which is His Word.

If Satan is trying to steal your inheritance today, resist him. Pierce him with the Sword of the Spirit and watch him flee.

Your sister in Christ,

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio

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…Exalting Jesus Christ, and Him Alone…