The Daystar Devotional 2001-01-03

January 3, 2001

” Let God be true . . . .” (Romans 3: 4)

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Precious Disciple of Jesus Christ, the Daystar,

Happy New Year! May our Lord richly bless you with revelation knowledge of His Word during this new year.

This week’s Scripture verse is most interesting. In essence, it is saying that we must allow God to be true in our lives. In other words, we must yield to His truth in every circumstance. What does this mean, and how do we do it?

To allow God to be true in our lives means to decide once and for all that God says that He means and means what He says. Go’s Word and what He says are one and the same. To allow God to be true in our lives means to believe that there is no problem in the universe for which God’s Word does not have a solution. As long as we put our faith in God’s Word, His Word will always produce results because God is not a liar.

How do we allow God to be true in our lives/ By simply taking Him at His Word and acting on it. For example, since He says in Psalm 103: 3 that He heals all our diseases, then He means exactly what He says: He heals all our diseases. Since He says in 1 John 1: 9 that He is faithful to forgive our sins when we confess them, then He forgives our sins when we confess them.

If someone were to imply that God does not tell the truth, we would immediately protest. Then why do we ourselves have so much trouble believing that God is telling the truth when He says that we are healed, that we are prosperous, that we are forgiven? The reason, I believe, is that we have not heard enough of what God says nor have we heard it often enough. Faith in God’s Word–belief in what God says–comes only from hearing over and over what God says.

Remember: God says what He means and means what He says. If you want to experience victory in every area of your life, believe this and live your life as though it were true–because it is!

Your sister in Christ,

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio

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…Exalting Jesus Christ, and Him Alone…